Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 cassettes left / the next 3 HZ projects?

thanks everyone for any posts/support/listens given to type one era...only 5 cassettes left for sale on the buddha tapes bandcamp page! also, quick/random update on what i'm working on:

i have some sketches of melodies/chords written for a second hectic zeniths album that i'll hopefully move ahead/start doing more with come July when I move into a loft in old city and buy a bunch of new equipment.  right now ive mostly just been focused on practicing trumpet every day...trying to get good enough to comfortably add trumpet lines to the next album/EP.

i think hectic zeniths projects, at least the next 2, will alternate between being more focused on field recordings and brief sample chops (type one era EP) and original compositions/live instrumentation (self-titled) the next HZ release will be closer to the first album but probably even more focused on original/live stuff.  the one after that, which i have a title for but don't want to reveal the concept yet, i've started collecting samples + field recordings.  i think in retrospect i learned from type one era a few things i would've done differently and will hopefully improve upon for that one.  i also want to do a first amplifya album but haven't started on that at all yet. 

in summary, just felt like announcing to whoevers reading that i started working on 1. a HZ project focused on live/original music, 2. a HZ project focused on sampling field recordings, and 3. i have a clear idea for a first amplifya album but haven't started it yet.  and also 4., hopefully a live set to accompany all three.

i just turned 28 a few days ago...hoping to have those 3 done, or at least mostly done, when i turn 30.  feel free to yell at me to keep working on them on twitter/facebook.  ill try to provide occasional updates along the way.

- amp

PS, theres the first official HZ remix for another artist finished but i have no idea when it'll be released

PPS, if you missed it, i put a screwed version of "On Standby" on soundcloud.  i think it sounds nifty:


  1. Great to know more is coming our way.
    I love both of your projects and I look forward to hearing what you have created next.

    What will an Amplifia album have different from a Hectic Zeniths ? Vocals ? Or is it bound by secrecy ?

    1. Thanks! As of now I'm thinking it'd be a vinyl-sampling instrumental hip hop album, a la Deadringer/Entroducing, but with my own twist...think Tupperware Beats Vol. 1 but with more layers/samples, more fully realized songs, better mixing.

  2. i'm not too eloquent or whatever so i'll try to keep this short. just wanted to say that i loved type one era and hectic zeniths is one my favorite albums of all time (thanks to the people at QN5 for mentioning you). as long as you keep doing what you're doing, i'll be happy to support. peeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacee

  3. trumpets are going to be crazy by the way

  4. Do you have two aliases because you want people to associate different sounds with different names?