Monday, April 16, 2012

"wasteland" lyrics

unreleased song which can be found on  i hope to maybe redo it someday with a different singer.

(verse 1)
shedded doubts that cloud my view
i don’t want to end up in your wasteland.
efforts just amount to blue
find myself defending all your statements.
way too many sounds removed
tryina sorta find out more of signs i saw and i ignored them all to make sense
break tension, get faded
sell out my beliefs and wishes.

(verse 2)
and i resist to see it
how many times can i misbelieve it?
treat it like its covert, missed the screening
cover up and clear out *blink* i’m dreaming
maybe i was idealistic
and me just being honest was enough to live with
you’re so gifted, mind brilliant even
that’s not even half, didn’t reach the ceiling.
i’d like to make the best impression
maybe then the conversations less depressing
then I wouldn’t even think to second guess it
few and far between that you’re blunt, confess it.
take this lesson, spread out inkblots
interpret how you wanted to with dented up think spots
versus any objectivity? I think not
every time it seems to be too much, you drink shots.
i’m hoping you received the reaction
you’re always looking for without directly asking
sentiments that sounded too vague to be passion
hesitated both ends, fated attraction
i was patient, now indecisive
ending every day when I close my eyelids
getting up the next when the soul arises /solar rises
without losing a step, you could see i’m blinded.
let it consume me, i’ll accept that
long as you remind me why we needed to step back
how it started off, we agreed to let go
but I haven’t forgot, even though i said so.