Thursday, August 30, 2012

hectic zeniths - curtain (small professor remix)

sent my original piano recordings and most of the samples I used on "Curtain" to Small Pro for remixing, and loved what he came out with.  the first official remix of a Hectic Zeniths track.

self-titled album press, interview, and review archive

some press, reviews, and 3 interviews for hectic zeniths self-titled album (much thanks to all other sites i may not have included yet below as well):

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type one era

the new EP i'm finishing up is titled 'type one era'...artwork and tracklist hopefully soon.

hectic zeniths self-titled album available now!

if you're reading this you probably already know, but hectic zeniths self-titled album is available at, iTunes, Amazon, and is a free download from

hectic zeniths in CunninLynguists performance 2009 + more

had the opportunity to play keys in CunninLynguists performance of their 2006 album 'A Piece Of Strange' at the 2009 QN5 Megashow.  Deacon, Natti, and Kno on the mic, Club Dub on electric guitar/bass/drums, Dane Ferguson on acoustic guitar, Steph on background vocals

also did an official remix from the album:

a piano cover i did of tonedeff (who appears on APOS) song "Gathered" 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

amplifya releases and random produced songs

amplifya - tupperware beats, vol. 1 (2012):

01 we’re taking off…goodbye!
02 no safe harbor
03 still hereeeee.
04 go ask alice
05 homesick
06 paregoric
07 dances
08 perfect storm
09 morningstar
10 sundae school
11 snickerdoodle
12 midnight sun
13 cocoon (sketch lightly)
14 (bonus) low bitrate 06


amplifya - disco screw EP (2009)

01 the badlands
02 the muzzy / interlude 
03 find us down
04 chewy
05 ziggy zoggy / rzatussin
06 this is something new


iCON the Mic King - "Pocket Change (Remix)" (produced by amplifya) from his 2005 Intricate Spectrum EP:

Don Cerino - "5 Boroughs" (produced by amplifya) from his 2007 mixtape Nothing In Life is Free:

amplifya - selected rap remixes 2003-2004

02 Freeway - Flipside (amplifya remix)
03 Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm (amplifya remix)
05 Jadakiss, Ludacris, and Nas - Made You Look (amplifya remix)
07 Inspectah Deck and Pete Rock - Tru Master (amplifya remix)
10 Nas and 2Pac - Thugz Mansion (amplifya remix)