Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 cassettes left / the next 3 HZ projects?

thanks everyone for any posts/support/listens given to type one era...only 5 cassettes left for sale on the buddha tapes bandcamp page! also, quick/random update on what i'm working on:

i have some sketches of melodies/chords written for a second hectic zeniths album that i'll hopefully move ahead/start doing more with come July when I move into a loft in old city and buy a bunch of new equipment.  right now ive mostly just been focused on practicing trumpet every day...trying to get good enough to comfortably add trumpet lines to the next album/EP.

i think hectic zeniths projects, at least the next 2, will alternate between being more focused on field recordings and brief sample chops (type one era EP) and original compositions/live instrumentation (self-titled) the next HZ release will be closer to the first album but probably even more focused on original/live stuff.  the one after that, which i have a title for but don't want to reveal the concept yet, i've started collecting samples + field recordings.  i think in retrospect i learned from type one era a few things i would've done differently and will hopefully improve upon for that one.  i also want to do a first amplifya album but haven't started on that at all yet. 

in summary, just felt like announcing to whoevers reading that i started working on 1. a HZ project focused on live/original music, 2. a HZ project focused on sampling field recordings, and 3. i have a clear idea for a first amplifya album but haven't started it yet.  and also 4., hopefully a live set to accompany all three.

i just turned 28 a few days ago...hoping to have those 3 done, or at least mostly done, when i turn 30.  feel free to yell at me to keep working on them on twitter/facebook.  ill try to provide occasional updates along the way.

- amp

PS, theres the first official HZ remix for another artist finished but i have no idea when it'll be released

PPS, if you missed it, i put a screwed version of "On Standby" on soundcloud.  i think it sounds nifty: